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Thrive is a therapeutic and trauma-sensitive approach that supports children and young people with their emotional well-being, social development, and behaviour. The approach teaches adults how to be with challenging or differing behaviour. As a result, children are more secure in their emotional development and mental well-being and are ready to engage with life and learning.

The Thrive Licensed Practitioner at Treetops works in partnership with the Speech and Language Therapists and the Occupational Therapist as part of a multi-disciplinary Therapy Team. Our practitioner also works collaboratively with school leaders to support learners’ behaviour and develop therapeutic support systems to empower pupils to de-escalate, regulate and learn about their behaviour.

Our Thrive Licensed Practitioner works with teaching staff throughout the learning community, providing universal, targeted, and specialist therapeutic services.

If you have any questions or queries about Thrive at Treetops, please contact our Therapy Team to speak with our Thrive Practitioner

Brad Davis


More information about the Thrive approach can be found on the Thrive website.

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