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Early Years Team – Pathways of Support

Providing early intervention for pre-school children with additional needs.

The Early Years Team is a group of professionals from Health and Children’s Services who work together to promote early intervention for pre-school children aged 0-5 years with additional needs affecting their development and learning.  ​

The referral into our service will be considered by the Early Years Team at their next meeting to decide which service may be able to offer support.  ​If the child’s needs meet our service criteria, they will be allocated to a pathway of support. 


These can include one of the following pathways.:


  • Home Support Pathway - Working with families to help them develop a quality of life and experience, for themselves and their young children, in which they can learn together, play together, participate and be included in their community in their own right.​

  • Setting Support Pathway – Outreach is offered to early years settings by a team of experienced professionals with a range of expertise in supporting children with additional needs in early years. ​The purpose of Outreach is to help early years settings to follow the assess, plan, do review process and support early intervention once a need has been identified.  Our Outreach providers work with early years practitioners to help them to feel confident implementing strategies to support a child’s learning and development. ​


  • Community Support Pathway - To support families to access community groups at Brighter Futures family hubs support for health clinics, baby & child play sessions, parenting support, managing your child’s behavior's, speech & language, early learning and support for children with special educational needs.  Groups at Beacon Hill and Treetops school on offer​.

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