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Governors & Trustees

Members of Treetops Learning Community

Alan Peaford
Corin Whymark
Kevin Brice
Chris Churchyard
Stephen Munday


Alan Peaford

Kevin Brice

Neil Woodbridge

Paul Smith

Sandra Slade

Kameel Mohammed

David Landy

Ruth Ochuma

Colin Morgan

Iain Dickson

Jon Brewer

Anthony Hattam

Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

Treetops School

Kevin Brice

Jon Brewer

Iain Dickson (Parent)

Dave Baitrum

Jane Flatt

Leah Knight (Community

Treetops Free School

Neil Woodbridge

Anthony Hattam

Colin Morgan (Parent)

Sean Greene

Leanne English

Jimmy Thandi (Community)

​Correspondence for the Chair should be sent to the school address marked clearly for his attention

Click here for Trustees Register of Business Interests & Meeting Attendance
​Click here for Trustee Committee Structure

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